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Using credit cards to shop for kids returning to school

Creditor harassment, outrageous interest and other financial challenges can make life hard for those with debt. In Augusta, Georgia, anyone who has unmanageable credit card debt should try to prevent their financial problems from worsening and take a close look at every option available.

With the school season approaching, many parents are getting ready to start shopping for clothes and supplies for their children. However, there are many things they should take into consideration before making purchases, especially if they plan to shop with credit cards. With proper budgeting and preparation, people can prevent costly financial problems.

Chapter 7 filing impacts workers in three states

Filing for Chapter 7 or any other type of bankruptcy could be one of the most difficult decisions a business owner has to make. However, if they are buried in overwhelming debt and don't know how to resolve the problem, it could also be one of the best. When the process is approached properly, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help businesses that are facing serious financial challenges in Augusta and throughout Georgia finally put their debt behind them.

A construction company that recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection laid off more than 280 employees and is now closed. The layoffs have impacted workers in Kentucky, Colorado and Michigan. Two days before they shut down, the company closed their construction business but said that their structural steel business would continue operating .

Reality star files for bankruptcy

When people accumulate a lot of debt, they may be unsure of how to address the problem. Additionally, every situation is unique and may require a completely different approach. From medical debt to business loans that cannot be repaid, some people are able to secure a fresh start by filing for bankruptcy. In Augusta, Georgia, those who are dealing with regular creditor calls, want to prevent foreclosure or simply live life without the stress of debt should evaluate their options.

Reality star Brady Williams, who has over $400,000 worth of debt, recently filed for bankruptcy and reportedly only has a mere $3.61 in savings. He is known for his appearances on the TV show “My Five Wives,” which centers around his polygamist family.

Bakery to file for Chapter 7 after drop in sales

Struggling with debt can make daily life difficult and create many hardships, from creditor harassment to unbearable anxiety. As a result, people in Augusta, Richmond or any other part of Georgia who are in this position should not push off addressing the problem. For some, Chapter 7 bankruptcy works out best, while another form of debt relief may be more ideal for someone else. Regardless of the approach taken, it is imperative for anyone who wants a fresh financial start to get rid of overwhelming debt promptly.

A bakery based in New York City recently announced their plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation following a sharp drop in sales. The company, which opened for business in 2003, disclosed that their losses have totaled almost $4 million.

Creditors oppose U.S. trustee's decision to convert bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 can be a great way to get rid of financial problems. However, people who are serious about turning to Chapter 7 bankruptcy should take a close look at the ins and outs of a straight bankruptcy before moving forward. There are many forms of debt relief available, but in Augusta and across Georgia, Chapter 7 for businesses and individuals may be the best way for some who are dealing with debt to find a fresh financial start.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2007, a Massachusetts company was purchased for $38 million. In 2008, the business yet again failed to prove viable and the new owners filed another Chapter 11 petition with plans to liquidate, before converting to a Chapter 7 one month later.

Company files for bankruptcy, closes 16 restaurants

From consumer bankruptcy to business reorganization, there are many people who want to eliminate debt. In Augusta, Georgia, filing for bankruptcy could be an excellent way for both businesses and individuals to look forward to a fresh start and take care of creditor harassment for good. Whether someone was put in a position where they had to take on medical debt or a company hopes to clear their financial challenges through a business bankruptcy, debt relief is very beneficial.

A restaurant company centered in California has shut down 16 of their restaurants and recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. The company, which filed for bankruptcy on June 16, is also trying to sell 29 of their other establishments, which will be kept open as they try to find buyers.

U.S. credit card borrowers aren't tackling debt as quickly

When credit card borrowers are unable to make minimum payments or have difficulty repaying considerable debt, they may have to deal with creditor harassment, interest and other problems. These financial challenges must be addressed before they balloon out of control. From filing for bankruptcy to establishing a repayment plan that works, people in Augusta and throughout Georgia should take control of their finances and get rid of credit card debt as quickly as possible.

Although borrowers traditionally pay a significant amount of their credit card debt in the first quarter of each year, the amount paid off in the first three months of the past two years has been down. Borrowers tend to pay off debt in the first quarter for numerous reasons, such as receiving salary bonuses, tax refunds and making New Year's resolutions.

Data center services provider goes bankrupt

Although filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is not always an easy decision to make, it can help businesses that are struggling with debt find a fresh financial start. Overwhelming debt is not only stressful, but often presents problems that rear their head on a daily basis, such as annoying creditor calls. In Augusta, Georgia, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help a business stop creditor harassment and regain their financial confidence.

After raising more than $90 million in venture funding since their formation in 2001, a data center services provider recently turned to Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. In their filing, they listed under $1 million worth of assets and debt totaling $50 million to $100 million, court documents revealed.

Company that produces audio products files for Chapter 7

Most people with financial challenges already know that struggling with debt can make daily life difficult in numerous ways. Because of these hardships, people in Augusta, Richmond or any other part of Georgia who are facing these hardships should not push off finding a fresh financial start. Whether they choose to file for straight bankruptcy or decide to take another route, getting rid of overwhelming debt can provide many benefits, such as being able to stop wage garnishment and irritating creditor calls.

A company that makes audio products recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in New Hampshire. In their filing, they listed liabilities totaling $625,000 and just under $802,000 in assets. Their creditors include a loan servicing company which holds two of their mortgages, two credit card companies and a law firm.

Company that owns mattress chain hopes to grow after bankruptcy

Financial challenges can prevent a company from reaching their full potential and often generate a great deal of anxiety. After all, with seemingly non-stop creditor calls, business owners in Augusta and throughout Georgia who are in this position may be looking for a fresh start. Whether they choose to move forward with a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy could be a smart move and a step towards finally being able to eliminate debt.

An independent mattress chain based in St. Louis turned to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after dealing with store locations that were not turning a profit and an estimated $1 million to $10 million in liabilities. Because of these issues, the company has decided to shut down five of their stores, although they have yet to determine which ones will be closed.

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