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Credit card user struggles with exceptionally high interest rate

There are many reasons why people run into problems with their credit cards. Whether they have difficulty paying their bills due to unexpected financial challenges, such as unemployment, or simply cannot make the minimum payments any more, credit card customers who are in this position could struggle to move forward. In addition to late fees that stem from delinquent payments and high interest rates, some people in Augusta and throughout Georgia have to deal with creditor harassment. As a result, anyone dealing with this should do everything they can to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Although he experienced financial hardship after a divorce, one credit card user has been coping with an incredibly high interest rate despite attempting to shrink the debt he owes and making his monthly payments on time for four years. Even though the Credit CARD Act was put in place to protect customers, the bill's provisions have not done much to assist this man.

Uninsured could struggle with personal bankruptcy

When people are dealing with financial challenges, they could experience numerous hardships, such as debt and unpaid bills that they simply can't manage, late fees and so on. There are multiple factors that can put people in this position, such as a struggling economy and unemployment. In Augusta, Georgia, and throughout the nation, some people choose to move forward by filing for personal bankruptcy protection.

Among the seriously mentally ill, there are roughly 4 million people who do not have health insurance. This lack of coverage can lead to many problems, such as medical expenses that are not covered and people avoiding treatment altogether. Furthermore, some could have a shorter life expectancy and poor health because they don't have insurance.

Toymaker files for Chapter 7 protection

In recent years, the economic climate has had its fair share of problems. As a result, some businesses are buried in overwhelming debt and trying to find a fresh financial start. In Augusta, Georgia, some people are very familiar with these issues and choose to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. However, in order to ensure that their business will address debt properly, it is important to thoroughly review all of the details.

A company that produces toys which have been sold at major retailers throughout the country recently filed for Chapter 7 protection. In their filing, the Birmingham-based toymaker listed over $6.8 million worth of liabilities and assets which totaled only $1.6 million. A spokesman for the company would not comment on the bankruptcy filing.

Woman explains how she tackled credit card debt

Most people are aware of the importance of eliminating credit card debt. However, some don't realize the numerous consequences of lingering debt and the financial challenges it can create. From interest charges to creditor harassment, people who have difficulty repaying credit card debt could a great deal of stress. In Augusta and throughout Georgia, many people in this position are already dealing with other hardships, such as unemployment or unexpected financial burdens. It is crucial for anyone who is going through this to closely assess their situation and take action.

After struggling with credit card debt since she was 19, a woman explained how she managed to address $100,000 worth of debt by the time she was 40 years old. She recalled some of her life experiences, such as charging $8,000 to her credit card for a wedding, racking up debt throughout her college years and deciding to sign a contract with herself.

Struggling retailer moves forward with bankruptcy filing

Although it might be a very difficult decision, filing for bankruptcy can help businesses recover from considerable debt. While this is a great way for a company to look forward to a fresh start, it is important for them to ensure that they make the right decisions and do everything they can to simplify the process. For example, if an Augusta business wants to stop creditor calls and decides that bankruptcy is the best route, they should closely review the laws in Georgia.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a buyer and prevent bankruptcy, retailer Coldwater Creek has announced that they will soon be filing for bankruptcy protection. The company has roughly $353 million worth of debt and has been dealing with a decline in sales, among other industry-wide issues.

Medical transcription company turns to Chapter 11

For many businesses in debt, filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. However, once the legal process is complete, those who are successful are sure to appreciate the feeling of addressing their financial challenges. There are various methods businesses can use to recover from a debt trap, such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which can help companies move forward and benefit from business reorganization. If you have unbearable debt in Augusta, Georgia, an effective plan that will eliminate debt can stop creditor calls and help you move on with your life.

A Pittsburgh-based medical transcription company recently disclosed its voluntary decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to work towards prosperity over the long haul. The company chose to go private in 2012 after they closed a deal that exceeded $1 billion. The CEO of the firm stated that the company needs to be restructured in order to line up with changes in the market.

Hockey team files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection

When someone is struggling with debt, there are different options that may be available to help them enjoy a fresh financial start. Whether the best strategy is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or taking advantage of another route, the individual circumstances that surround a case vary from one person to another. As a result, it is important for people in this position to evaluate their financial situation thoroughly. In Augusta and across Georgia, those who are struggling with debt should make sure they take the best approach.

A professional hockey team in New Jersey recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection due to significant debt that apparently cannot be managed. In recent years, the team has suffered a number of hardships, including declines in attendance and failure to appear in the playoffs.

Credit card debt scam targets Georgia woman

As if credit card debt isn't stressful enough, people who are struggling with this obstacle could face other setbacks as well. On top of creditor harassment, interest charges and fees, they could also be targeted by scam artists. In Augusta and throughout Georgia, people who are dealing with these types of problems should thoroughly evaluate their situation and focus on overcoming their financial challenges. Debt can be a significant burden that creates considerable stress, which is why people shouldn't wait any longer to move forward.

According to a Georgia woman, she received a call from someone claiming to belong to a collection agency. The caller said she owed $4,600 from a previous debt and that if it was not paid she could be arrested. In fact, the scam artist even knew the last four digits of her social security number, birthday, full name and address.

Camera supply company closes U.S. stores

When someone wants to eliminate debt, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as determining the best strategy and understanding how their decisions could affect others. Whether an Augusta business is looking for a fresh start or someone wants to finally get rid of significant medical debt, filing for bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment. However, it is very important to thoroughly analyze the situation and ensure that the right steps are taken.

A company that specializes in camera supplies and photography services recently filed for Chapter 7 liquidation and closed their stores in the United States, although their European locations will stay open. Following the announcement, some store workers took to social media to vent their frustration and claimed they were not notified in advance.

Reality stars deal with Georgia bankruptcy

Although filing for bankruptcy can help people address their financial challenges in a number of ways, it is imperative for them to understand the importance of tackling the issue properly. There are many reasons why it becomes necessary for individuals and business owners to begin the process of filing for bankruptcy protection in Augusta, Georgia, from a struggling economy to unexpected life changes. Furthermore, it is crucial for people to understand how the individual aspects of their situation can impact their case.

Although two stars of an upcoming reality show attempt to present a glamorous image, they have been dealing with a bankruptcy that was filed in Florida in 2012. Last year, the bankruptcy was sent to Georgia, where they are facing allegations of excessive shopping habits and concealing the true value of their property from the court.

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